Warrior Wiches

Quality is engineered into every Warrior winch. The complete range has been designed with the end user in mind. Strength, quality, performance, all of which are part of the Warrior DNA.

This is a small sample of the Warrior range of winches. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements. There is a Warrior Winch to solve every need.

Warrior Samurai 8000lb

Superb high specification winch. Ideal for recovery and 4x4 applications. Outstanding features include high quality series wound double sealed motor with brass fittings, heavy duty waterproof contactors, double sealed drum on maintenance free bearings, quiet, efficient full steel planetary gearing. Comes with stainless steel roller fairlead and fittings as standard. The 12V version comes complete with Heavy Duty integrated wireless remote.


Warrior Viking Worm Gear Winches offer the ultimate in precision and control. The worm gear design 
provides excellent load reversing protection. Worm Gear winches are designed with fewer moving parts 
(worm and gear) and provide greater handling of shock loads as well as fewer wear points.

These are the products for the true professional and will handle the most demanding applications. All 
models are supplied with mount plate as standard. Meets EN14492 standard.


Compact, tough. A hydraulic winch for industrial and commercial applications. The unique patented steel gearing system combined with a highly efficient and powerful hydraulic motor ensures maximum performance over the full load range. Complete with internal brake to ensure maximum control and load holding. Stainless steel roller fairleads and fittings are standard.


The KDJ 1000Kg AC Winch is 415v 3 Phase without freespool.

All KDJ AC Winches have electromagnetic, spring applied, failsafe brake, bi–rotational and include an enclosed drum flange. 


  • Lightweight and compact design for easy installation

  • Planetary gears for maximum mechanical efficiency

  • HD high effi ciency ball bearing on all running surfaces

  • Electromagnetic spring-applied failsafe brake

  • Steel plate foot mountings

  • Quiet running

  • Enclosed drum flange to prevent rope becoming trapped between drum and support castings


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